„Work should be fun. If it’s not, something is wrong.”

Coaching and consulting fields

Sarah Reichert has over 15 years experience as a coach and consultant in the field of professional development. Her focus areas are:
▪ Leadership
▪ Talent Development
▪ Executive coaching
▪ Strengths based coaching
▪Personal Branding
▪ Team development
▪ Change management
▪ Conflict and mediation
▪ Resilience Coaching
▪ Moderating events
▪ Virtualization of training
▪Intercultural training

Education / Qualifications

▪ Systemisches Coaching – Supervision, GST (Gesellschaft für systemische Therapie und Beratung)
▪ GALLUP Certified Strengths Coach ▪Personal Branding Consultant, Studio for Image Professionals ▪Intercultural Certification Program, Global éase
▪ Bacherlor of Arts, University of Texas Specializing in communication, social and behavioral science, pedagogy, visual and performing arts, Spanish
▪ Associate Study of Psychology and Theology, Instituto Teológico, QRO, México, Professional experience
▪ Executive Coaching
▪ Deliver Leading without Authority seminars
▪ Conflict and mediation (coaching and seminars)
▪ Adaptive Leadership
▪ Develop and lead Talent Programs
▪ GALLUP Strengths Coaching for individuals, management and teams
▪ Workshop delivery: Change and Reframing
▪ Personal Branding Consulting
▪ Design, implementation and delivery of training programs, including train-the-trainer (on-site and virtually)
▪ Moderating virtual events
▪ Moderator for SCRUM teams
▪ Intercultural Trainer – training international teams, delegates going abroad
▪ Key note and motivational speaker ▪Private instructor at the Media Design University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany – subject field: media management
▪ TV moderator
▪ Spanish teacher (primary school)
▪ Vocal coach

Sector Experience

▪ Energy (Siemens Energy) ▪Mobility (Siemens)
▪ Human Resources (Siemens) ▪Healthcare (Siemens Healthineers) ▪Finance (UniCredit)
▪ Automotive (HeyCar)
▪ Start-Ups
▪ Education (primary school)
▪ Higher education (University)
▪ Educational Charities (City of Berlin)
▪ NGOs


▪ English (native)
▪ German (fluent)
▪ Spanish (fluent)


January 2022